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JUL 2017  |   Vol. VI  |  Issue #1

Emanating Changes

Business leaders today are embedded with the changing trends of the world, knowing all sides of the business and they are more ready to accept the fast-changing conditions. The global market that is changing rapidly, especially with the scenario of the steel industry, changes are navigating market demands and its pace with all the intermediated disruptions. A strong committed business tends to surpass all the barriers; an in depth personality pursuit of the South Asian region, Pakistan's Mughal Steel , Iqbal Javaid Mughal, Chairman, Mughal Steel, the steel magnate of Pakistan had his beginning as a trader there by strode the ups & downs , to become the" Mughal of Steel "and now it is striding the high winds of success as Mughal steel has raised Pakistan steel industry to a new level.

The cover story is an attempt to give new approach on the emerging Pakistan private steel players like the Mughal Steel. Read on page 30

A whirl wind of changes are sweeping the Indian Steel Industry, as the new tax regime, GST is implemented, NSP & also banks are in motion to do away with bad loans where few are from the steel industries. On other side is JSPL, which is heading north after a near slump, with debts in its back, but the Angul project has given a whole new perspective to JSPL, we caught up with the Chairman, Naveen Jindal, he speaks about taking the high road of resurgence especially after commissioning of the Angul plant to 6 mntpa which is going to propel the image of JSPL.

A feature article by our columnist on the National Steel Policy (NSP), 2017 which will address key issues facing the steel industry like muted demand, over capacity, raw material price volatility and technology inefficiency; Also the government's plan to increase the steel capacity to 300 mnt by 2030-31, an effort that would require extensive efforts toward increasing the availability of resources viz., infrastructure, raw material and finance. Read more NSP on Pg 12.
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