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AUG 2017  |   Vol. VI  |  Issue #2

Romanticizing the Emerging Markets

The term emerging markets was coined by economists at the International Finance Corporation (IFC) in 1981, when the group was promoting the first mutual fund investments in developing countries. Since then, references to emerging markets have become universal. The developing countries like Iran, Pakistan, Vietnam, and Bangladesh including India are rapidly industrializing and adopting a free market or mixed economy. Emerging markets are important because they drive growth in the global economy.

Few years back these countries were on snail growth even though globalization was catching up in all directions. If we look what's going on behind the scenes of these countries industrial growth & better administration has pushed for stupendous widening of the markets and now, in the present scenario this northward movement seems to be almost unstoppable. The world is looking towards these upcoming markets as politico-economic situations have improved in these countries. The cover story gives a granular understanding of the back ground, their production, consumption, exports, the future forecast and the transformation that these nations are likely to bring in the global steel market, in the coming years.

The next cover story is like the pages out a novel, the layers of the story is unraveling the life of a professor of management who took over the ship recycling industry which was looked down upon by many, how he turned it in to a multi dollar business & the stalwart is Dr. Anil Sharma, President of GMS, world's leading cash buyer of ships. Not only he changed the perception of people towards ship recycling, he gave a new dimension to this industry. In a long talk with Steel360 where he is still a professor at heart tells all about struggle, growth of GMS & also advices new entrepreneurs to choose the untrodden path for success.

The authors of this month's issue covers on different feature articles & varied topics and assure us an interesting read.
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