Sanjay Goel

“Nakoda group have a superior approach, positive and planned growth”

Central India Chhattisgarh based integrated steel plant Shree Nakoda Ispat Limited started its business only 14 years ago, but today the company’s name has...
Subhrakant Panda

“Strongly Believe that Our Focus on Putting a Fully Integrated Business Model”

IMFA(Indian Metals & Ferro Alloys Limited) is India's largest, fully integrated producer of ferroalloys with 187 MVA installed furnace capacity backed up by 261...
Gopal Ezz Steel

Ezz Steel is now a global player – Gopal Seenivasgam, Director, DRP

Ezz Steel is one of the biggest steel producer in Egypt & the MENA region, exporting high quality steel products to most of the...
Naveen Jindal

JSPL on the Leap of Growth

The resurgence of Jindal Steel & Power Ltd (JSPL) began from its Angul steel plant operations from October 2017 with the successful commissioning of the blast furnace...

Liberty House on Buying Spree in India

In a recent development New Delhi-based Amtek Auto who owes over INR 12,300 crore to its lenders. The lenders have taken a 67% haircut...

Near-water units are bound to import concentrates

In a note to Chilan, Sayyid Hussain Ahmadi, the managing director of Khorasan Steel, pointed out the  production deficit of the concentrate in the country, the solution to this challenge was to import concentrates for near water units. The following is a note from the CEO of Khorasan Steel on this issue Statistical surveys show that, by the Iran Calendar year 2025, production of 55 million tons of steel requires 162 million tons of iron ore, which by the end of last year was about 77 million tons of iron ore produced in the country. Hence there is a need to increase the share of mines in production. For example, the Sangan mines  complex should increase from 7 million tons to 40 million tons, and this will change the design of mines  and increase the height of stairs, increase the capacity of transporting dredgers, crushing plants, increasing the productivity of manpower and other factors In order to maintain the current share, the  development of the mining sector will take place. Also, 34 million tons of pellet production capacity has been created and 15 million tons are in progress,  but the comprehensive plan of steel needs 57 million tons of pellet. Meanwhile, the iron ore concentrate deficit is more pronounced on the Iran Calendar year 2025 and is  equal to 9 million tons. Therefore, it can be said that the balance and balance of steel production in one of the rings is vacuum that at the present time this ring is concentrate because the units of the spatula and spherical iron will enter into the circuit one after the other. The crisis began with the failure of mines, especially large mines, one of whose tasks they discovered,  and their concentration and capital in the last decade to build steel factories and downstream industries while ignoring the discovery. The reason for this neglect was not that the decisive trustee in the steel  sector of the country was sensitive during this period. Of course, it should be noted that the projects defined in the concentrate area are in progress, and this vacuum will only exist until the end of the year 98, that is within the next one to two years. In any case, in line with the national interests of the country and the use of the relative advantages of  different regions, we suggest that steel units adjacent to free waters be required to import part of their  concentrate to units such as Khorasan Steel, Until ports sometimes export them as noneconomic, it is  possible to use domestic reserves. In Khorasan Steel, the pelletizing unit recently opened by the distinguished President is in the production phase and in order to provide the necessary concentrate, this unit has concluded contracts with Gol  Gohar Companies, Central Iron Ore and Sabanur, which we hope will be able to Provide timely and adequate concentrate for your needs.    
Godawari Power and Ispat Limited, Executive Director, Siddharth Agrawal

Godawari eyes assets under IBC, aims to be debt free in 5 years

Godawari Power and Ispat Limited a name which has grabbed eye balls of prospective stock investors from across the country in the last 6...

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