Iron Ore

iron ore in India

Should India Export Iron Ore ?

That is a fundamental question; but the answer may vary. And that is the problem. If there can be no unique answer to such...
mining india

Mining companies and CSR

Does the Net Revenue to the Government constitute truly the welfare of the people ? In reality, no ! When the Government leases the...
mining iron ore

Shah Commission Recommendations

In its First Interim Report the Shah Commission has recommended the amendment of Rules 24A (1) and (6) of the Mineral Concession Rules, 1960...
iron ore india

The new iron age ?

Just look at the map below; but do not read the fine text or the captions. What map does it look like ? BRIC...
iron ore

Mining Corporations anticipate fall in Iron Ore prices

Some of the leading market analysts and major mining corporations of the world have predicted that Iron Ore prices could correct sharply by the...

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