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JSPL Eyes Big Export_1

JSPL eyes big export opportunities in granulated pig iron

by Madhumita Mookerji Granulated pig iron (GPI) is likely to be the next big thing on the steel firmament and Chinese mills across the basic...
Furnace bottom and hearth refractory configuration

How to prolong life of the 5100M3 blast furnace?

By Yu Guohua, Li Qingyang, Chencheng, Zhang Xiangguo & Wang Bin   The capacity of the 5,100m3 blast furnace at ShanSteel Group Rizhao Co Ltd is...
Carbon Capture and Storage Technologies

CCS can be applied to processes with large-scale emissions

A close look at Carbon Capture and Storage Technologies Carbon capture and storage (CCS) involves capture, transport, injection and containment of CO2 in geological structures located...
Sabukutty Dominic

Hot Metal Pretreatment can Lower Impurity Content

Hot metal pretreatment is a prerequisite for converter steel makers in order to attain the twin objectives of ensuring cost efficiency and optimising productive capacity   Hot metal...
Reducing gas production by partial oxidation


ULCORED is a direct reduction (DR) process, which produces DRI (direct reduced iron) in a shaft furnace, either from natural gas (NG) or from...
Fig 1 Concept of TG- BF

Top Gas Recycling Blast Furnace Process

In the area of production of hot metal, most promising technology to significantly reduce the CO2 emission is recycling of CO and H2 from...
Dry Granulation of Blast Furnace Slag

Dry Granulation of Blast Furnace Slag

Liquid slag produced in a blast furnace (BF)is at a temperature of around 1500?C and has a sensible heat of around 400Mcal/ton. BF slag...
Jet process

Jet Process- An innovative solution in steel making

An innovative solution to maximize scrap and HBI rates in converter steelmaking Fluctuating prices of scrap and hot-briquetted direct-reduced iron (HBI) in recent years —...
Integration of Coldry process with power plant

Coldry technology for low rank coal drying

Coldry technology for low rank coal drying Coldry technology is being developed by Environmental Clean Technologies (ECT) Limited, Australia. It is a patented process...
Technology That Matters

Pristine-M process for Drying of low rank Coal

Pristine-M process for drying of low-rank coals is being developed by Clean Coal Technologies, Inc. (CCTI). It is a patented low-cost coal de-watering technology...

PR and Awards

NALCO posts net profit of INR 138 cr in FY20

  National Aluminium Company Limited (Nalco), the Navratna CPSE under the Ministry of Mines, posted a net profit of INR 138.23 crore for FY19-20. During the...
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