Five Pillars of Quality

Today in an era of cut throat competition, an organization can survive only if it offers quality and if it respects the basic concept of quality. In fact, quality is the single most crucial issue that an organization has to face every day of its existence.

Reputation for quality is essential in a long run. For an organization to become a business leader, it has to ensure that it does everything to flourish quality and later it can use it as a competitive advantage. Quality improvement is possible when the employees & the management have a shared dedication towards quality & function.

A company that is not quality conscious is normally product oriented. Such organization emphasizes on error detection. The responsibility of maintaining product quality lies with the quality control department and the problem solving is normally done by a few in the authority, who are at the top of the business pyramid. This type of organization is successful when environment conditions are in favour.

A quality conscious company has faith in quality principles. It has customer orientation and focuses on preventing errors. It balances short term goals with the long term objectives. Such organization survives even in most adverse environment.

Three Ingredients for Five Pillars of Quality Conscious Organization

  • A clear understanding of what is already in place, what is working well and what can be enhanced as the pillars of quality become central to every employee’s daily work.
  • Vivid sense of where the organization wants to go. Organization must have a vision for future, instead of goals & targets for the coming years. Visions are beacons to guide everyone in the organization.
  • A comprehensive plan which is a set of guidelines governing progress in the overall implementation process. This plan is to be a living document which must be reviewed, updated & changed to reflect the ever changing environment; growing capabilities and changing need of organization as it implements quality principles.

A quality conscious organization has five characteristics called the Five Pillars of Quality. It has a foundation on these Five Pillars of Quality. These values are honesty, commitment to customer satisfaction, and commitment to create an environment in which employees can give their best to the organization.