Andrea Diasparro

“Danieli is giving the Utmost Priority to the Technology Development”

Danieli is a name to reckon with innovation and technology in the world of steel with higher level of quality and standards in every aspect of the work from planning, designing and manufacturing to erection, commissioning and service. The 100 plus year old company takes the philosophy of Mario Danieli who began to study steelmaking machines manufactured by the German firms which dominated that sector of market. Pioneers in EAF especially the mini mill concept, it has been a steady growth in all fields of the metal industry. Talking exclusively to Steel360, Andrea Diasparro Vice president, Key Account Management of Danieli explained what it is to be the reliable and innovative partner in the metals industry.

Q. Can you describe the evolving technological growth in EAF by Danieli? What are your different strategies to push your expertise?
A. Danieli is giving the utmost priority to the technology development in the steelmaking field. Major attention is given to the competitiveness in the transformation costs, flexibility in the utilization of the raw material and friendly environment impact. The Danieli approach to take care of all these aspects, looking for the best practice, is the Q-Melt technology. Thanks to this system, data collecting, filtering and processing allow to act in real time but also in back-office, studying and implementing the correlations to apply the best practice for each specific production goal.

The two major key aspects of the Q-Melt, working in parallel are-

1) Dynamic process control – where the working setpoints are dynamically adjusted in real time.
2) Process optimization – where the On-Line Analytical Processing Systemcontinuously improves the process parameters.

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