6th MRAI International Conference held in Kochi, Kerala

Material Recycling Policy waiting for Cabinet’s nod before going in Public domain said President of MRAI Sanjay Mehta to Steel360 on the sidelines of 6th MRAI International Conference held in Kochi, Kerala (2-4 February).
Excerpts of Interview-

Sanjay Mehta

Q. National Material Recycling Policy is in stagnancy state from last 2 years. What is its present status now?
A. The draft of National Material Recycling Policy has been made in last four months. When the Metal Recycling Policy was sent to the NITI Aayog by Steel Ministry, it was found that it was not proper that policy will be made for metal and other sectors will be left behind, that is why they suggest studying the whole process again and include other

Q. Will it take another year or so to reframe the policy?
A. No, I don’t think so because a lot of process and study has been completed. The policy has been sent to the cabinet by NITI Aayog last month and is waiting for cabinet approval. Once the cabinet nod is given, it will be sent to the public domain.

Q. What will be your biggest advantage once this policy is out?
A. Definitely, once this policy is out, it will give lots of advantages to all the recyclers. We will get directions and the material outflow will increase which is the biggest advantage. There is a lot of material lying as soft waste and solid waste, all this waste can be recycled properly.

Q. Will recycling in India become an organized sector?
A. I feel the recycling industry is organized at various levels but it still needs to be organized at the collector level and segregation level. At these levels, we would like to make them organized gradually. We want their income to increase. Once their income will increase, definitely their participation in material segregation will increase. That is the main goal and achievement of this policy. We would like to raise standards of the lower level people. The main goal of this policy is to make sector organized and ultimately in the next few years, the material flow will increase.
Many of the research reports say, not more than 50% of the total material lying in the solid waste and the soft waste. Which means 50% of the material is still lying over there and all are reusable and all the raw material. We are going to process all of it.

Q. Will reforms benefit recyclers? What is the outcome? Any substantial you’re planning to get run in the future?
A. The continuity for the reforms for the benefit of recyclers that is what we are targeting. Till we don’t get reforms like:- abolition of duty, industry status, upgrading of the rag pickers, aggregators so every this is in the pipeline every this is in line with the national recycling policy.

6th MRAI International Conference held in Kochi, Kerala

Q. The association is successfully running through its 8th year. While no other association is able to survive so many years.
A. We have built up a very strong base and year after year we are not forgetting our activities but we are adding activities. We have recruited young people to the association which will soon join the main boards. A separate committee has been made for each and every commodity. Other material recycling committees have been included. Various other associations stop working due to structure and leadership problem contradictory to it our association has a proper structure. We are all businessman , industry people and we are concentrating on building this association as a world-class association.

Q. Are you planning to branch out in other states?
A. Yes, we are working to create new branches of our association in various states. We have opened our branch in Kolkata this year four more new branches will open. Every year we are expecting to open 4-5 chapters. In India will open 20-25 chapters. We will have a strong connection and we want representation from every area in the recycling community.