Steel behemoth clocks impressive 42% growth in manufacturing 260-metre rail panels
Living up to trust in meeting Indian Railways’ requirement of 260-metre-long rail panels, Steel Authority of India Limited’s (SAIL) Bhilai Steel Plant (BSP) has recorded a remarkable growth of 42% in production of prime 260-metre-long rail panels in 2019-20 compared  to 2018-19.
Anil Kumar Chaudhary, Chairman, SAIL, commented, “SAIL is committed to fulfilling the requirements of Indian Railways. SAIL and Indian Railways share a synergy of more than 60 years. We are continuously ramping up our production of rails, especially long rails to cater to the requirements of Indian Railways.”
The 260-metre rail panels provide the significant advantage of lesser number of welded joints in the tracks thereby improving safety and increasing speed. During the same period, a substantial growth of 30% has also been achieved in overall production of prime rails.
SAIL-BSP has been producing world-class rails for Indian Railways for more than six decades from its rail & structural mill (RSM) and the new and modern universal rail mill (URM). The latter has been rolling out the world’s longest 130-metre rails as a single piece. Both RSM and URM supply UTS 90 prime rails in length of up to 260 metres to Indian Railways.
Cumulative production of UTS 90 prime rails from the new state-of-the-art URM in 2019-20 has been 5.38 lakh tonnes, clocking a whopping 46% growth against production of 3.69 lakh tonnes in 2018-19. Cumulative production of UTS 90 prime rails from the RSM in 2019-20 has been 7.47 lakh tonnes, registering an astounding growth of 21% over production of 6.16 lakh tonnes in the last fiscal.
With the combined efforts of both the RSM and URM teams, SAIL’s rails production graph has steadily risen in 2019-20.
SAIL’s Bhilai Steel Plant ended the fiscal with cumulative production of 12.85 lakh tonnes of UTS 90 prime rails, thereby registering an impressive growth of 30% against last fiscal. In 2018-19, BSP had produced 9.85 lakh tonnes of UTS 90 prime rails.
Significantly, the portion of 260-metre panel rails in total production of UTS 90 prime rails in 2019-20 has risen to 52% from 48% in 2018-19. Cumulative production of long rails in FY19-20 has been 6.66 lakh tonnes as against 4.68 lakh tonnes last fiscal, resulting in a whopping growth of 42%.