During his visits to SAIL’s IISCO and Durgapur steel plants recently, Union Steel Minister Dharmendra Pradhan outlined the role of SAIL plants based in the eastern region in the government’s Mission Purvodaya. He reviewed the performance of both the plants and took keen interest in the various products manufactured by the modernised mills of these plants.

Pradhan said, “Both IISCO and Durgapur steel plants of SAIL have an important role to play in the development of the eastern region as well as the nation. They are important players not only for the region but for the nation as a whole. Under the guidance of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Mission Purvodaya will unleash the true potential of the eastern region in the development of the nation. These integrated and modernised steel plants must work towards creating a sustainable production model which also facilitates the growth of downstream industries in and around the region”.

Mission Purvodaya has been launched to drive the growth of eastern India through the creation of an integrated steel hub thereby adding significantly to the country’s steel-making capacity.

Pradhan visited the blast furnace, bar mill and the universal structural mill at ISP.  While visiting the Durgapur Steel Plant he went to the bloom-cum-round-caster, wheel and axle plant and the medium structural mill.

“Many of the products of these two steel plants are already contributing towards imports substitution. The way forward should continue to emphasise vocal for local,” he said.