With deployment of state-of-the-art mining technology, SECL is gearing up to meet the ever-increasing coal requirements in India. In this context, SECL is surging ahead with its massive mining technology upgrade plans. Capital expenditure for procurement of these HEMM is INR 1,457 crore.
Coal demand is on the rise each day and CIL has set an ambitious target of achieving 1 billion tonne of coal production by FY2023-24. SECL will have a significant contribution in this huge target.

A large number of heavy earth-moving machineries (HEMM) are being procured and deployed in its mines. In the Gevra opencast mine itself, 84 dumpers with 150 tonne capacity, nine dozers (850 hp), four electric hydraulic shovels of 16 cum capacity and 2-wheel dozers (460 hp) are being procured and deployed. Out of these, 32 dumpers, two shovels, nine dozers (850 hp) and 2-wheel dozers (460 HP) have been received. The remaining machines are due shortly.
Similarly, in the Kusmunda opencast mine, five surface miners, three electric hydraulic shovel (10.2 cum), 10 front-end loaders (10 cum), two crawler dozers (850 hp) and one wheel dozer (460 hp) are being procured and deployed. Out of these, one surface miner, six front-end loaders and one wheel dozer are due shortly. The rest of the machines have been made available at Kusmunda mine. Also, in the Dipka opencast mine, two electric hydraulic shovels of 10.2 cum capacity have been procured and deployed.

It is pertinent to mention that Gevra, Kusmunda and Dipka opencast are the mega projects of SECL and have a huge bearing on its annual coal production. With the induction of these HEMMs, the total mine capacity for overburden removal will increase from 138.52 million cum (as on April 1, 2020) to 166.42 million cum (on April 1, 2021).
This induction of latest technology is in addition to the huge fleet of HEMM already available with SECL. In April this year, SECL had 438 dumpers, 156 dozers, 112 drills, 81 shovels and four draglines. The new machines are in addition to this existing fleet.
SECL, since inception, has been the largest coal producing subsidiary of Coal India Limited. During FY2019-20, SECL produced 150.50 MnT of coal contributing over 25% to the total coal produced by CIL.
During FY 2019-20, two new mines were started in SECL. These include Bijari opencast in Raigarh area and Jagannathpur open cast in the Bhatgaon area. These mine will contribute to SECL’s coal production.