Electrotherm: Opening New Frontiers in IF Technology


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VOL IX / ISSUE 09 / MARCH 2021

No ifs & buts on IF tech

A key development in February was the rising fuel prices, touching a peak of INR 100 in some states. The government blamed the Covid-induced output cuts by global oil-producing countries for the high prices at retail ends in India. Fuel prices have a cascading effect, leading to cost escalation in wholesale and retail markets, impacting the common man’s purchasing power of essential commodities. With demand for fuel increasing to pre-Covid levels oil supply cuts are posing a challenge.

It is widely acknowledged that the government’s focus on housing and construction is likely to trigger further expansion of induction furnace steel-making in India. While steel quality concerns remain at the forefront, induction furnace steel-making is poised to gain wider acceptability on low capex and higher energy efficiency. In our cover story on pg. 26, Electrotherm, a market leader in induction furnace technology, shares key insights into the emerging trends in steel refining, automation and digitalisation that are re-shaping the industry.

Intervista turns the spotlight on APL Apollo, a market leader in steel structural tubes. Anubhav Gupta, Chief Strategy Officer, shares the company’s future plans on pg. 36.

RINL is at the crossroads. The 100% divestment proposal is sparking protests. Company Update, on pg. 10, takes a look at the scenario. We may need to keep watching this space.

Plus, we focus on a lot more.

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