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Coal Comfort ?

Coal India’s production figures are of interest to the steel sector since coking coal is a key raw material for manufacturing the commodity while steam coal is used in making sponge iron. Production volumes were at 46.59 MnT and a dismal 34.77 MnT in May and August, 2019 respectively, on the back of an extended monsoon. However, output started rebounding November onwards it seems. But worrisome is the fact that coking production is expected to drop from 54.65 MnT in 2017 to a provisional 19.26 MnT over April-September, 2020. Our Cover Story on pg. 40 caught up with A.K. Jha, the outgoing Chairman at CIL at the time of the interview, for a tete-a-tete, who feels, realistically, 660 MnT targeted for the current fiscal is not achievable because it is not possible to wipe out the large backlog of the first half of the fiscal, but assures that certainly the gap is narrowing.

Keeping in focus SteelMint’s 3rd Steel & Raw Material Conference, 2020 - Emerging Markets Bangladesh, we turn the Intervista spotlight on Sufi Mohammed Mizanur Rahman, Founder Chairman of the PHP Family on pg. 48. We also check out BSRM Group MD Aameir Alihussain’s opinion on Bangladesh’s steel industry in World View on pg. 12.

The deadly Coronavirus is on the rampage and questions do arise as to how it will impact the steel industry’s health since Hubei, from where the germ emanated, is the sixth-largest steel-making province in China. Impact tries to guage the initial damage on pg. 06.

We traverse to Raipur in search of People on pg. 18, and meet Amit Agrawal from the Hira Group’s 2nd generation.

Plus, we focus on a lot more. Enjoy the read!

Madhumita Mookerji


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