What is Driving Soal Import to India

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What is Driving Coal Imports to India?

With the Indian economy poised to grow at a fast rate - India's energy sector will have to brace itself for the rising demand, and as Coal accounts for the majority of primary energy supply, the country's dependency on Coal is expected to spiral. The Government had envisaged that it will not have to import coal, except to feed power plants located along the coast. However, there are many issues with regard to domestic coal production, its quality, transportation, efficiency, etc. and thereby in India emanates the need for importing Coal to fulfill the country’s coal consumption requirement.

  • What has driven India’s thermal coal imports to rise sharply in 2018, reversing two straight years of declines?
  • Indian Thermal Coal imports is expected to increase to around 170 million tonnes in CY2018. Why has India become more reliant on imported coal?
  • India plans to almost double its coal production to one billion tonnes by 2020 to meet its growing requirement. Is it withing the realms of possibility or India is likely to continue relying on imports?


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