In an in-depth analysis of rapidly changing scenarios in the steel industry, Steel-360 takes a look at countries which are most likely to lead the transformation, and share detailed insights of Emerging Global Markets in the cover story for Steel-360 August edition.

The story delves deep in to both internal as well as external factors that make India, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Iran few of the most promising markets in the world of steel. This August we also unravel the life and times of Dr Anil Sharma, a ship recycling pioneer who has transformed the industry through relentless efforts in developing eco-friendly ship recycling guidelines. Further the issue also sheds light on how the steel industry in India is coping with the recently imposed Goods and Services Tax and how manufacturers are gearing up to reap benefits from the revolutionary tax reform.

The global steel industry, after a turbulent few years, is gradually emerging from chaos and is set to enter a new era of trade with drastically altered market dynamics. Detailed study of present scenarios, past performance and future prospects of 5 emerging countries, shows that there is a possibility of boisterous growth in the steel industry in these nations.

The cover story through meticulously collected statistics evaluates Pakistan’s steel industry which is presently riding high on the wave of massive Chinese investment. According to experts, trade participants and end users, the demand for steel in Pakistan is likely to swell at a staggering rate of above 12 per cent in the next three years thus making the country one of the largest consumers of steel in south Asia.  

Meanwhile, the other emerging markets have their own specific advantages legitimizing their presence on the list. Iran is utilizing its natural resources and geographical location optimally to push global exports, while India, already the third largest producer of Steel in the world, is in course to double its steel production in the next decade to close to 300 mnt a year. Similarly, the cover story also sheds light on Bangladesh and Vietnam as major Markets for steel in years to come.

With exclusive report from the author of Turn Around India, RP Gupta and contributions from several other industry experts the August Issue of Steel 360 magazine is a must read for trade participants and decision makers. The magazine, with detailed insights in to steel industry trends gives and in-depth perspective of current happening and future possibilities. Moreover, the special steel innovation section of Steel-360 gives its readers much needed technical knowledge in different facets of steel manufacturing. Steel 360 not only tracks happenings of the Indian steel market but also provides reports on steel events and activities from across the world. Other sections including market stalker, stock market watch, tenders and statistics makes

Steel-360 a complete package offering news and information from across the industry in a concise and visually appealing manner. What makes Steel-360 a credible industry standard, is the quality of its statistics, wide spread sources of information and contribution from experts with decades of experience in the steel industry…. To Subscribe Steel360 August Issue Click Here.