Scrap imports

Bangladesh Steel Rolling Mill (BSRM) is to increase crude steel capacity to 1.3 MnT pa in 2015. BSRM, having 0.3 MnT pa steelmaking capacities, is adding another 1 MnT, which would be operational from 01 Mar, 2015. A section mill of 0.45 MnT (450,000 MT) and 1.05 MnT pa (1,050,000 MT) long products are included.

An induction furnace installation by India based Inductotherm, a ladle furnace and a CCM by Italy based Danieli, is in progress.

Will Scrap be preferred over DRI?

Scrap shall be preferred over DRI because of better yield at 95% in contrast to 78-80% recovery from DRI. Amongst all, importing DRI is costliest for the company because of high freight charges, albeit 1,000 taka per tonne (USD 13.038/MT) duty. Scrap import duty is 1,500 taka per tonne (USD 19.557/MT).

DRI requirement could stand somewhere between 8-15% as balancing of carbon is most important; Scrap being the rest.

Will Scrap Imports mount?

The company’s Scrap imports will multiply to 5 times in 2015. Nearly 0.15 MnT (150,000 MT) annual Scrap imports could ascend to more than 0.8 MnT (800,000 MT) per year and from containerized Scrap to bulk carriers from Australia, Europe, Middle East, Singapore and US.

Will Billet Imports go down?

Billet imports will certainly go down as objective of enhancing the plant’s capacity is to decrease them. Currently, Billet imports cater to nearly 75% of their total requirement.

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Scrap imports