ICDs for imported scrap

Metal Recycling Association of India (MRAI) has proposed Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) for more ICDs for imported Scrap.

MRAI, a body of metal recyclers in India, proposes DGFT to add more number of ICD (Inland container depo) for imported Scrap.

“MRAI is making a representation to DGFT for  inclusion of additional ICDs and ports under the foreign trade policy at para 2.32 of Handbook that permits the import of metallic waste and Scrap in unshredded, compressed and loose form.

In case, if  unshredded Scrap is imported from a port and transport it via road to steel mill having an ICD close-by that does not permit the import of unshredded Scrap, then provide complete details such as additional transportation costs incurred, bill of entry scanned copies etc.

For an instance, ICD Chinchwad-Pune permits import of shredded Scrap only, hence steel mills in or around Pune that import HMS can only import the same to Nhava Sheva and transport the same via road to Pune. But, shredded Scrap in containers can come to ICD Chinchwad. So, there would be a case to open up this ICD to permit import of unshredded Scrap as well,” said Mr. Amar Singh, General Secretary of MRAI.