Event Name: SUFI STEEL AWARDS 2017

Date: 16 DECEMBER 2017

Organizer: SUFI


Web site: http://www.sufi.org.in/

About Steel Users Federation of India (SUFI):


SUFI is a federation representing all the stake holders in steel space such as steel mills, steel users, steel traders, steel brokers and steel service providers across INDIA. The fundamental objective of SUFI is to bring all the stake holders onto a common platform so that all can move forward in a tandem in order to achieve the targets as set in current steel policy by ministry of steel. These targets can only be achieved by continuous dialogue amongst the stake holders and jointly with the government on policy issues. The need of the hour is to create awareness amongst steel fraternity regarding new applications of steel, introduction of new qualities and new research and developments. These are only possible through seminars and conferences. SUFI is proud to be associated with STEELGROUP in order to organise various summits, conferences and seminars so that these objectives are met. Automobiles form a very and important constituent in steel consumption.


To register for event visit: http://www.sufi.org.in/event-form.php