Soaring prices, rising production and unprecedented volatility in scrap as well as iron ore markets has left the world of steel in a quandary. In a bid to decipher the upheaval in the steel industry, Steel 360 takes a trip down to ground zero China and unravels the mysterious market trends in this month’s cover story. Steel-360 is also bringing forth interviews from two of the biggest personalities in the steel industry, Executive Chairman of Liberty House Group Sanjeev Gupta and founder of Synergy Capital Corporation Sudhir Maheshwari. Other major stories this month include impact of Real Estate Regulatory Act on rebar sales, disarray in Odisha mining after the apex court order and efforts being undertaken by the Government of India to exclude steel from Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership.

The cover story this month stands as the highlight of the edition. Representatives of Steel-360 take a trip down to China and speak to steel manufacturers, scrap yard owners, iron-ore traders and many other market participants from China to get to the heart of the entire steel saga. Global steel players have been on the edge since China decided to draw the curtains on obsolete Induction Furnaces in December, 2016. The sudden decision sent the global steel industry into a frenzy which has continued for more than two quarters. The story focuses on the minute details of what precisely led to the shift in trade dynamics and presents possible scenarios form here forth. The story also pays special attention toward the trends of increasing production in china despite the Chinese government’s assurance to cut over-capacity and the astonishing rise in steel prices in China. Another factor which has perplexed traders around the world is the rise in Iron ore prices and demand. Steel-360 speaks to top consumers and grassroots traders to unravel the trends.

For this month’s Interview we have Sanjeev Gupta, the person who has singularly transformed Europe’s steel sector with major acquisitions and partnerships. He has emerged as a dark horse in the industry at a time when most producers appeared to have been struggling with the slowdown. Gupta speaks to Steel-360 about his journey this far and shares future plans for the Liberty House group. The September issue covers another personality who is widely recognized in the steel industry as a master strategist, Sudhir Maheshwari. The man who many believe was the man behind the ArcelorMittal merger deal, the single largest such deal in the history of Steel. Maheshwari shares his views on the present market scenario and future possibilities.

This month’s Steel Innovation segment also stands apart as it sheds light on two different steel manufacturing technologies best suited for the present times. Steel-360 also sheds light on several other vital issues in the steel and its ancillary industries that impacted markets during the month. Soon emerging as a standard in steel news, Steel-360 offers a panoramic view of the Steel industry, making it a must read for every trade participant.


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